Bamboo products at Sigrids in Kingston

Bamboo is a wonderful renewable plastic alternative, and there are loads of new products at Sigrid’s that take advantage of this sustainable material.

We’ve got reusable make-up removal pads in a lovely little bamboo box that also includes a laundry bag (or get just the pads on their own), as well as swabs and straws. Our 3-piece bamboo cutlery set comes with a travel pouch and is perfect for eating on the go when you don’t want to use plastic utensils. We also just got some new bamboo travel mugs too (sorry, they didn’t make our photo shoot).

So whether you want some eco-friendly gifts for Christmas, or just some green options for yourself, you should come see our bamboo selection.

Some of the great new bamboo products at Sigrid’s Natural Foods

And if you like the adorable plant arrangements in the pic, we have those for sale too!

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