We’re talking about sweet chocolate bar treats as well as chocolate and cacao products for baking or other cooking. Either way, you want to look for organic and fair-trade chocolate whenever you can.

  • In general we have chocolate that is:
    • vegan
    • dairy-free
    • sugar-free
    • organic
    • raw
    • fair trade
    • nut-free
    • and various combinations of these
  • As chocolate bars, we have:
    • white chocolate
    • milk chocolate
    • dark chocolate
    • extra dark chocolate (89%, 92% and even 100%)
    • flavored with berries, vanilla, coconut, espresso, nuts, mint, citrus, spice, and more
  • Chocolate chips (white, vegan, sugar-free)
  • Raw cacao nibs, powder, paste and butter
  • Gluten-free cocoa powder
  • Vegan hot chocolate mixes
  • Carob powder
  • Seasonal chocolate treats for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter

For those with a taste for a specific brand, our chocolate selection includes choices from Olivia, Moo-free, Green+Black, Camino, Giddy Yo, So Free and Lily’s.