Canned soups are great for quick ready-to-heat meals, or you can use an organic stock for any other type of cooking.

  • Organic canned soups
    • chunky vegetable
    • no-chicken noodle
    • chili
    • lentil
    • split pea
  • Bouillon in cubes or jars (chicken, beef, vegetable, mushroom, onion, vegan alternatives)
  • Liquid stock in cartons
  • Instant miso soup packets
  • Organic gravy
  • Gluten-free soup thickener
  • Bone broth – frozen and in jars (beef, chicken, pork)

Depending on the brand and format, many of our stocks and bouillons are organic, low-sodium, yeast-free and gluten-free. Make sure to read the labels to make sure which is which.